gv_mackenziePastor Granville McKenzie


Thank you for visiting our website! I hope you will find the content in these pages helpful in strengthening your relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

At Faith Sanctuary, we feel privileged to share the word of God with you. It relates to us the good news that God wants to be our friend and Saviour and we want everyone to enjoy the peace, joy and power He gives.

If you have experienced Bible salvation, we hope you are enjoying your life in Christ. If however, you have not yet committed your life to God, we would heartily encourage you to do so. At Faith Sanctuary we are here to help you Know Jesus, Love Jesus, Share Jesus. This can happen in various ways:

Whatever your needs or interests may be, feel free to contact the church. We want to partner with you in your relationship with God.

On behalf of every member of our church, I invite you to come and worship with us as soon as you possibly can. Come and enjoy the blessings of our gracious Lord, along with your family at Faith!



God Bless,

Pastor Granville McKenzie