Discovering Church Membership 101

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This class is the first of a series of four basic classes in the discovery of the principles of Christian growth and development. This first course provides a basic description of who we are at Faith Sanctuary Pentecostal Church, our governing principles and our mission. You will learn how to become a part of the church of Jesus Christ, how Faith Sanctuary is structured and what is expected of all the members of our vibrant and growing faith community.

Discovering Spiritual Maturity 201

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This is the second class of the series of four basic classes which began with Discovering Church Membership 101. Having begun in the faith, you will learn the life-changing principles of how to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through the cultivation of personal spiritual discipline. You will learn to develop personal spiritual habits that will help you to form a firm foundation for a Christ-centered life and victorious living.

In-Depth Bible Study (Currently going through the entire Bible)

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The goal of this class is to study the Bible in its entirety in a comprehensive manner. Currently studying the synoptic gospel according to Matthew.

Leaders Unlimited

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Become the leader God has created you to be. See the impact of your leadership become unlimited as you reproduce the work of God in you in others, and they in others…

Leaders Unlimited is a program for current and future leaders to develop and focus their effectiveness. Through a pattern of devotion, discussion, experience, reflection and intentional change, leaders expand their understanding and hone their skills.

From a foundation of scriptural truth, world-leading research and practical examples, participants develop their ability to identify and consciously practice effective leadership behaviors. They become better able to fulfill their personal role as leaders, contribute more to the people they serve, and help achieve the vision of their church or organization.

Along with each person’s own development is the multiplied effectiveness that results as leaders mutually support, mentor, and reproduce other leaders.