Life Groups

The Life Groups Ministry vision falls directly in line with the Faith Sanctuary Church vision – “Know Jesus, Love Jesus, Share Jesus.”

This group provides a functional connection while developing community for everyone in the church is the vision for Life Groups, whether that connection is to a Geographical Life Group, Youth Life Group or a Special Interest Life Group like a Craft Group or a Wednesday or Sunday Prayer Life Group.

The objective is for everyone to feel and experience inclusivity, security and love, as well as experience spiritual growth on a personal and corporate level by studying and applying the Word of God and through the ARMS of Faith.

Life Groups offer a safe environment where authentic relationships are built and life support is given. Transformation is at the heart of the Life Group Ministry – transformation of souls to Christ-likeness. Within the Life Group context we strive to know Jesus on a deeper and more meaningful level, which will result in a Mark 12:30-31 kind of love. When an individual has developed a love relationship with Christ, sharing that love with others will be the natural outflow of a transformed heart.

Life Groups also function as a ministry body that encourages individuals to reach their neighbors, friends, co-workers, or peers who may never enter Faith Sanctuary’s doors. A connection will be established through Christ-centered service and fellowship with one another in an effort to reach the lost.

Life Groups are located throughout the Greater Toronto Area and meet on a weekly basis. For more information send an email to Bro. Burnie Spence at