Youth Ministry

We are dedicated to creating a youth culture where diverse lives blend harmoniously in a song of faith, unity and optimism in a way that attracts non-believers to Christ and energizes surrounding communities. Our desire is for young people from all walks of life to discover authentic and exciting identities in Christ. We are passionate about helping individuals find ways to use their unique personal gifts in fulfilling ministry and the glory of God. Ultimately, the goal is that our generation would  recognize their crucial importance to God’s Kingdom and use Christian principles to build lives they enjoy and please God, careers that succeed, and relationships that work.

Ambassadors of Faith

This dynamic ministry is for teens 13 – 18, and takes place every Friday 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. Our focus is on spiritual awakening and development in a fun and interactive setting. Events include sports, outings, open discussions and much more.

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Compass Youth (18-36)

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