Granville McKenzie, Th.M.


I was raised by two of the godliest people I have ever known, Wesley and Margherita McKenzie. Through their influence and example and the incredible grace of our Lord Jesus, I submitted my life to Christ at 11 years of age. At 19, when I moved away for school, I made a very conscious and serious decision to give myself fully and completely to God, to worship and serve Him with all my energies for the rest of my days. I met Verona in 1980 and found that she had the same deep commitment, energy and drive to love God and serve Him wholeheartedly. We married in 1985 and she continues to be my truest and dearest friend, and my greatest prod and encourager to give my best to God. We received the dual blessings of Jonathan and Asher as our children, and our little family is strong and tight. In 2003, after a very enjoyable business career and after Dad’s death, I was elected to pastor Faith Sanctuary. Truly, shepherding the flock at Faith has been the most joyful, fulfilling, frustrating and gut-wrenching activity of my life. And I can tell you, without the slightest hesitation, that I am honoured, humbled, blessed and highly favoured of God to be living in His perfect will.