Tope Famutimi, B.Sc.

My Identity: Child of the Lord Jesus Christ
My Posture: Worshiper of the Most-High God
My Mission: Be a Light!
My Family: Papi, Mom, O (aka Olu, my bro!) and my beautiful sister-in-law, Aundrea, neice, Olivia and my nephew, Julius
My Profile: Follower of Jesus Christ | Servant Leader to Youth & Young Adults | Mentor |

Likes: Sports, meat, dancing with my family, helping & encouraging others
Pet Peeve: When people spit…yuckkk

My Story: Shopping for the latest trends, hanging out and partying with friends, searching for validation through dating, seeking out success by obtaining job security didn’t make me happy, or should I say, “didn’t keep me happy”. True happiness and unspeakable joy came from the freedom of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By believing in Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection for my selfishness, pride, and sensuality I began a new start to truthful living. The love of Jesus Christ is saving me, is keeping me, and gives me purpose on this adventure called life!

John 3:16 – For God so loved….