Children & Family Ministries

Children’s and Family Ministries exists to partner with families to nurture children in becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.

The partnership focuses on: 
Jesus-centred, Bible-based teaching
Wholesome relational and recreational activities
Allowing the Holy Spirit to mould and develop character
Developing leadership qualities through providing and encouraging participation in ministry
Small Group mentoring
Learning and living the word of God.

Toddler (2-4 years old)

The toddler class provides active, hands-on lessons that promise to keep your little one engaged while learning about Jesus. The adults supporting this class have years of experience working with young children and provide the love and attention that your child needs.

Happytown (5 – 8 years old)

As the name suggests, Happytown is a class where teachers strive to keep children happy while engaging them in meaningful lessons that are sure to stick. Students in this class also experience hands-on lessons relevant to their lives and responsive to issues they may be experiencing. Children in this class are engaged in dialogue, which provides opportunities for them to articulate their faith while digging into the word.

NuVesselz Girlz & Boyz (9 – 11 years)

The NuVesselz class seeks to help children dig deeper into the word of God using hands-on object lessons, games and inquiry-based teaching as the main approaches to teaching and learning. The children are encouraged to pray, seek and question the word of God until they know Jesus a little better. Often, small-group mentorship is offered after classes for groups of girls and boys.

K.L.L.I.C.s (12 – 13 years old)

Kids Living Life in Christ is the name of our last group of students. Their input is used to determine the topics to explore, and they are provided with the opportunities to lead via direct involvement with praise and worship during Sunday school. Often, small-group mentorship is offered after classes for groups of girls and boys.

Areas to serve in this ministry

  • Food Services Assistant
  • Hall Monitors
  • Teachers: Nursery Class (ages 2-3)
  • Teachers: HappyTown (ages 4-8)
  • Teachers: NuVesselz Girls (ages 9-11)
  • Teachers: NuVesselz Boys (ages 9-11)
  • Teachers: "KLLICS" (Kids Loving Life In Christ) ages 12-13)
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Bulletin Board Designer
  • Social Media Representative
  • Children & Family Ministries Administrator
  • Children's Ministry Administrative Assistant
  • Coordinator, Children's Chapel Services (ages 2 - 8)
  • Coordinator, Adolescent Ministries (ages 9-13)
  • Coordinator, Teacher Training
  • Coordinator, Stage and Costume