Our Jerusalem

We have been called to be witnesses of Jesus Christ as individuals and as a church starting from near to afar off. This evangelistic effort is an avenue to fulfil our mandate as a church to be witnesses in the Toronto community where our church is located.

Where is our “Jerusalem”?

We have created borders around our church and have designated and endeared it as “Our Jerusalem”. Our borders are Wilson street to the north, Keele street to the east, Lawrence road to the south and Weston road to the west. We have divided our community into six sections as shown in the map below and have designated the section of highway 401 that runs through our borders as section 7.

How are we going to accomplish this task?

We have assigned captains over each section to lead in prayer walks to intercede on behalf of every family represented within our borders. The captains have been tasked with understanding the demographics of their sections in order to lead participants in targeted spiritual warfare.

How can you participate?

We are endeavouring to have prayer walks at least once a month. The date and time for each prayer walk will be announced and printed in the church bulletin.